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Here’s a quick post about something very powerful that I’ve seen happen in my business over the past few months.

<< Have you ever felt like this guy?

…All stressed out and felt like you’ve been spinning your wheels?

Well, the majority of people in network marketing feel that way. Especially when people decide to get on the internet and pursue their business online.

We get online and see guys like David Wood who explode their business in such a small period of time online and we try to be like them. So we go buy all this stuff, subscribe to all these people, download all these courses and try to cram everything into our poor little minds until steam is coming from our ears.

Then we go start setting up stuff, installing wordpress plugins, adding picture banners to our facebook, tweaking little pictures etc….just little things that take us away from being really productive and we THINK we’re working but we’re really going nowhere.

We spend all of our time getting ready to get ready.

I can say this because have been ABSOLUTELY guilty of doing this and I’m sure plenty of you can relate.

If you’re going to come online obviously you will want to get educated, set up a blog, social media profiles, and funnels like My Lead System Pro. However, once you got the basics done, don’t spend all your time tweaking things. This is how a lot of people get burned out without having done anything to grow their business. Things can be tweaked along the way.

What grows your business in this industry is connecting with other human beings. That’s why its called “network” marketing. Whether it’s online or offline, you gotta get in front of people.

What I would recommend if you’re going to do online stuff is get started with Facebook. With Facebook, your able to get in front of hundreds of millions of people literally instantly and start building relationships to grow your network.

Here’s a free 98 minute training for using Facebook to expand your business by some of our leaders in My Lead System Pro…(Just opt in, and you have access to some AWESOME free training that definitely helped my game when I first plugged in and will help yours)


What I’ve noticed in the last few months is that getting prospects/leads, setting up appointments, connecting with people, and enrolling people, is actually the most stress-free part of doing business.


That’s right…When your actually connecting with people, networkingintroducing them to your business/products and getting them on board is the most stress-free part of network marketing. It’s not setting up blogs, doing SEO, or setting up a Facebook fan page. Those things might be the COMFORTABLE things to do, but they wont give you results.

Just think about how it feels to have 10 names and numbers by the end of the day versus installing 10 new wordpress plugins….

When around more people and are able to help them, you gain more confidence in yourself and feel good. I’ve been able to learn that first hand so I can now share the experience.


Take care y’all

Feel to share and comment…I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Benjamin Tombe


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  • Amanda Stephen

    Great post Benjamin…Very true! We DO spend a lot of time fluffing and fussing at the minor things that are not at all productive and really don’t bring the clients in.

    • Benjamin Tombe

      Absolutely Amanda!

  • Tanisha Adjo

    yes i suggest that people start with low cost marketing and blogging and facebook and twitter and articles and ads that are free and like David said he gets tons of leads for free on facebook